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We stock Test Strips to measure :

pH (0 to 14) from Merck

Chlorine (10, 50 100 and 200 ppm) from LaMotte

Peracetic Acid (PAA)  0-160 PPM from Hydrion

2-chain Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Quat) 0, 100, 200, 300, 400 ppm QT-10 from Hydrion



A solution with built-in Artifical Intelligence for personal temperature checks, access control, and automatically monitoring if people are wearing masks.

  • Super-Fast Detection (0.05s) 
  • Long Detection Range(0.3M-1.2M)
  • Face Recognition + Temperature Measurement in just 300ms
  • Wide dynamic range up to 120dB
  • The best anti-backlight
  • Highest Accuracy (±0.2 forehead temperature; 99.9% face recognition)
  • Double star-light-level sensor for high picture quality
  • Megapixel thermal imaging

We are distributors for for Pace Scientific's range of multi-channel dataloggers, which are offered with a wide range of sensors for various parameters including temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current, power consumption, wind speed, solar radiation, Acceleration, Rainfall, Soil Moisture etc.

We stock ETI's Deep-Frying Oil Tester as well as their Frying Oil Quality Test Strips, and are alsp 3M's Channel Partner for the 1004 Shortening Monitor Strips which measure the Free Fatty Acid content of frying oil.


We also stock Vito's Oil Tester that measures Total Polar Material and Temperature of frying oil.

Product Lines

ProTron Systems LLC is your One Stop Shop for all instrumentation products, with a special focus on Temperature Management for industrial and catering applications.
Specifically for the hospitality industry, we also offer anti-bacterial probe wipes, thermal disinfection indicators (thermo-labels), shortening monitor strips, polar material testers and filteration systems for cooking oil and, Chlorine test strips, pH meters and weighing scales.


Your "One Stop Shop" for all instrumentation products, with a special focus on Temperature Management for industrial and catering applications.

Shortening Monitor & Oil Tester
Multi-channel, & Multi-Function Dataloggers

We stock a wide range of analog and digital pocket thermometers to suit every budget. We also stock a range of anti-bacterial probe wipes that do not taint food, to clean thermometer probes and prevent cross-contamination.

We have both the pocket type and "gun" type of non-contact Infrared (IR) thermometers, and also have a range of "Combo" instruments with both an Infrared sensor as well as a penetration probe

We offer a wide range of digital and analog Chiller / Fridge / Freezer thermometers. The analog thermometers are available in spirit filled and bi-metal dial types.

We stock a range of Digital Hand Held thermometers and a wide array of probes to suit various applications in catering, food processing and industry.

Fridge/Freezer Thermometers 
Handheld Thermometers
Pocket Thermometers & Probe Wipes